Song of the Day: X-Sinner - Living On The Edge

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This is one of my favorite rock songs of the 80s. X-Sinner’s sound was akin to ACDC or Def Leppard soundalike, but that doesn’t mean they were a clone of either mainstream band. They had an area rock sound w/ a blues twist. Check out others by them that are a must have for any classic Christian rock playlist: Medicine, Walking Evil, Don’t Go, Lift Him Up or Accountable. TBH I did not care much for their later stuff after their first 2 LPs. To me this somber SOTD hits with a punch & probably always will.

You only see how you want it to be,
You pushed too hard, never caring for me,
And danger – it follows you around,
And stranger, you know the debt is your death.
Turn the night into the day,
Time has come; it’s here, it’s final,
Too much, too little, too late,
You had it good, but now you’re sorry now,
Livin’ on the edge.
You once were told, not long ago, a man will reap just what he sows,
So follow your foolish heart,
Remember, you know the debt is your life.

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July 12, 2021 10:41 pm

Not usually a fan of classic rock, but I clicked out of curiosity. This was genuinely a really good song!

July 12, 2021 1:07 pm

Love this song! I wish someone would reissue this album.

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