Song of the Day: With Open Eyes - Winds Of Change

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I dig most “core” music genres, & there are tons of them (metalcore, screamo, nintendocore, etc…). One of my faves is electronicore which fuses unclean (growled or screamed vocals) with clean & double bass pedals & a lone keyboardist (which this song has the perfect mix of imho. Formed in Rock Hill, SC, at a pentecostal church, WOE i one of my friends son’s band. My friend Paul Gaskin is the youth & children’s pastor of the church which is also known for a Helloween event that showcases a “haunted house scenario”, but shows how life’s end can be very scary without our Saviour Jesus. During college I studied to be a television reporter & actually did a story on the yearly event which you can find on my YouTube page. Anyways, hope you like this video and song. I really dig the vocals, drums, & keys. It was filmed at the Upper Room Chapel which is a replica of the one in Jerusalem. I also happened to be on set when this video was shot. Be prepared to have a new fave heavy song & check out their LP To Start Again.


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