Song of the Day: Whitman’s Mold-Kingdom

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WM was a brief rapcore band reminiscent of American Made. Hailing from my old stomping grounds in South Carolina, I first heard of them on a Christian indie rock show. Their 1999 LP was released on DTS after they released their first demo in 1998 on cassette. DTS comprised an eclectic artist list ranging from Paul Noel Stookey to .hopesfall! Their driving song “Kingdom” from that LP Nobody Loves Me explodes with the line I Wanna Go… To Heaven! Enjoy

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Thanks for the love! The email address is still

Phil metalhed

Yo, coop!! I rememba as if it was yestaday, wen u gave me dat e- mail on a piece of paper at ht in da agusta mal, lol. Im sure its probly pakd in a box sumwer, lol. 21 years lata, crazy. Can i do a “wer r they now” intaview real quik?: 1. Wat led 2 da break up? 2. Wats r u+ da rest of da band up 2 noways? 3. Did u eva do any music afta witmans? 4. Wer ther any songs leftova from da album sesions dat neva got releasd? 5. Wat hapend 2 dts?… Read more »

Phil metalhed

Yes!! Such a shame they only put out 1 album. Bring bak witmans+ Dts rec!! I wil always rememba goin 2 da local mall by fort gordon wen i was in da army n runin into ther singa who hapend 2 b workin at hot topic, lol. Anotha great band that broke up way 2 quikly.


Thanks for the love!