Song of the Day: White Heart - Let It Go

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Is there something that you’re holding onto that you need to let go?  I think we all have felt that from time to time as Christians as YHWH continuously works on us. White Heart was an amazing rock band that had a plethora of members & albums. I actually worked with Rick Florian’s son a few years ago! Anyways, today’s SOTD was chosen as a reminder of the joy of letting go of what hurts us/holds us back from the potential that YHWH wants for us. The band has an outstanding discography, but never won a Dove award which is basically the Christian equivalent of a Grammy & it’s a shame so be sure to check out the rest of their discography.

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September 1, 2021 11:16 pm

Love love love love White Heart, and I’ve been patiently waiting for them to end up with a SOTD. My parents got me into White Heart, after my mom heard one of their songs from Freedom on the local Chicago Christian station around 1989 or so (Eighth Wonder, I think). From there, I spent the next half decade listening to their music whenever I was in the car (along with bands like Christavox, Guardian, Angelica, Mastedon, etc). They were my first concert, as I got to see them in 1993 for their Highlands tour, and I was honored to see… Read more »

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