Song of the Day: Vengeance Rising - Bishop of Souls

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Today’s SOTD recollects a simpler time when the Christian metal industry were not overrun with way to many artists to find the time to listen to. I think I bought Released Upon The Earth & Tourniquet’s Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance & Galactic Cowboys’ Space In Your Face the same day at a used record store in my hometown. I have heard of the band’s breakup & all the stories about Roger Martinez & I was one of the one whom he contacted with his play script that he wrote that was very unchristian, but this SOTD lyrics read like a worship song which is what we need to hear.

Alleluiah, God – you are worthy of all praise
Righteousness and honor are your’s all the day
As for me, words can’t express what my spirit knows as grace
Your mercy, how it strengthens me, in mercy I exist
What am I that you should mind, yet you’ve redeemed us by your hand
And who can challenge you in battle, they’re crushed to dust on your command
You are the shepherd and also our High Priest
The life and the resurrection, the one who slays the beast
I see – what you’ve done
I’ll tell – everyone
Your way – it is right
I’ll Praise – You tonight
I’ll be – not ashamed
Your word – I’ll proclaim
You are – Lord Most High
You are the…
Bishop of Souls
The King of Kings, if I were a king – I’d give you my crown
Not worthy of the honor all mankind should bow down
As I’ve said it once before, all will bow anyway
But this ones from your servant, Lord be honored – this I pray
You are he who judges the earth, we rejoice when we see the vengeance
Brought down on the evil wicked who refuse repentance
We are going to praise the eradication of sin
They’ll pour the bowls and vials, tread the winepress – Angels sent

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