Song of the Day: Vagabond12-Crystal Clear

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Vagabond12 was a brief rap rock band which reminds this listener of Broken Yoke and NOT the heavier rapcore music made known by bands such as EDL or Jack Of All Trades. They seem to have only released a two song single before fading into obscurity. But the 2 songs are very radio friendly with rapped vocal hooks laden within acoustic guitars. Crystal Clear (the rockier of the 2) found is way on an indie show out of Florida, but research shows the 4 man band out of Greenville, South Carolina . If anyone knows more, relay a message in the comments. I bought my Cd copy off of EBay for a pretty price from a seller who must have been in radio at some point as the seller had several obscure Christian indie singles. Hope you like it as I have over the years!

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Vagabond12 released 5 songs in 2004. This is based off of the CD I downloaded from my dad years ago. The run time is 18 minutes. The song titles are as follows:
1. Crystal Clear
2. Changes
3. Speak My Peace
4. When I Am Gone
5. Something Real