Song of the Day: Tiller Paul - Leave Me Here

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Here’s another obscure band from the archives. First heard them on an indie Christian rock station/website & they seemed to have an Americana/grunge flair. They appear to have a full length called Flicker that was released in 1999, but I have not heard that one (but, totally just ordered)! I picked up 2 of their EPs (Self-titled & The Lazy I Sessions” for a high price back several years ago. Anyways, this song is catchy & I dig it & hope you do also!

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Apple Pie
Apple Pie
December 24, 2020 8:54 am

merry Christmas readers! while the 90s scene isnt my cup of tea, i thank you for writing this article and i hope that u and your family are all safe and enjoy this time of year!

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