Song of the Day: These 5 Down: Hymn

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These 5 Down was an amazing nu-metal band that sounded akin to Korn. Their first cd was played so many times when I was stationed in the military. I even ran into a guy one time wearing the band’s t-shirt & we have been friends ever since. For like 20 some years now. The band members have stories to on their coming to Jesus so be sure to do a search on it sometime. This song Hymn was chosen simply because of its music & lyrical content as “All in the name of Jesus I bind you up” you don’t find everyday. Close contenders was Low(which has a video on it) & Forgiveness from their 2nd LP. And here’s to waiting in anticipation for a full length that was teased by the Second Coming single a year or so ago.

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Graham Wall
July 27, 2021 8:02 pm

I found this on the radio website yeeears ago. It’s still a 🔥 song about spiritual warfare.

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