Song of the Day: The Devil Wears Prada - Chemical

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This review is in response to one of my fave metalcore bands that I just noticed having reached enough popularity to find themselves on Radio & Records Mainstream Rock chart. Other bands who have started in the Christian arena & found their way on the same chart are Underoath, Beartooth, Wolves At The Gate, Love & Death, Chevelle & Skillet to name a few. There are many valid arguments on Christian vs mainstream routes, but my take & honest opinion is that I like the exposure. The aforementioned bands had been in their respected scene for years before they found this much recognition. Granted, rock music is not all that popular anymore (just take a listen to any Top 40 station). TDWP quickly rose to my top 10 metalcore bands when they released Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord with their raw energy & funny Youtube videos (random people making lyric videos on what they think the singer is saying instead of the actual lyrics!) They are also a great live band so catch them if you get the chance. It’s also nice to see Solid State Records getting the much deserved exposure. My dream job would have been to work with Tooth & Nail since the 90s when Wish For Eden’s cassette tape came out!

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February 18, 2021 10:45 pm

Great song, never listened to this band a lot (besides the Zombie EP) but I’ve found myself listening to this song a lot over the last year!

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