Song of the Day: Paul Arend - Christians Aren't Cool

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News flash, Christians aren’t cool
If you think that I’m lying then listen this song is for you
I can say that because I’ve been one for awhile
And trust me the street credit I’ve got is the lamest on file

If you want to be cool
Well then go make a living
In movies or marketing
Cosmetic surgery
Buy the best clothing
And drive a car that makes you look so celebrity
Try Maserati
But trust me, you up on a platform on Sunday
Won’t fill your deep need to be known as somebody
It’s only a band-aid
And a band-aid is much better at being a car
Or a watch
Or ripped off

News flash, leading worship’s not cool
If you think there’s exceptions it’s you that you’re trying to fool
Imagine that, building your name on the back of the son of God humbled low two-thousand years ago
Sounds like it calls for a show

If you want to be cool
Well then go out and party and pay for the whole thing
Your friends will keep calling you day and night, night and day
You’ll never sleep
But then finally you’ll get the attention that you need
And trust me, you’ll only find yourself empty
Putting hope in a system and not in a kingdom
‘Cause the system’s a band aid
And a band-aid is much better at being a car
Or a watch
Or a job
Or a house
Or some jeans
Or a blouse
Or a nice restaurant
Or vacation to flaunt
Ripped off
Don’t use God
Don’t use God

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