Song of the Day: Mortification - Standing at the Door of Death

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So this review is partially due to a music review veteran Kevin Crothers’ latest top 10 video for Mortification on his YouTube channel in lieu of his White Throne Metal Radio show.  I myself, have been a die-hard Morty fan since probably circa 1996 when a friend of mine in high school gave me ripped copies of Circle of Dust S/T, Mortification-Best of 5 Years & Sixpence’s This Beautiful Mess. I know, a rather all over the place in genres! I really dug Morty’s sound. At the time, the heaviest stuff I had ever heard (& still pretty darn heavy) was from Living Sacrifice’s Darkened & Crimson Thorn’s Your Carcass. This cassette tape opened my ears to what Christian heavy Godly music could be. I’ve been hooked even since & will defend to this day that there is a lot of Godly Christian metal music out there with great lyrics.

Standing is probably my fave due to the personal lyrics from Steve Rowe & the bass line. I had learned to play this & was stoked to learn how to play this heavy of a tune. Influence is also fun to play! Steve is a fantastic bass player & vocalist. He smiles a lot during his performances also! The other interesting tidbit on this specific release is it was put out by Nuclear Blast which released unblack Horde’s release on a label that was known for satanic releases. Have a listen & crank it up!

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Jim Naysium
Jim Naysium
January 12, 2021 12:04 pm

i really enjoy mortification – was starting to think i was the only one! and steve rowe seems like a good dude in person. i wonder if these guys are still active; a year ago i saw they were remastering some of their earlier stuff but that doesnt mean that theyre still touring/recording new stuff, of course.

these guys are titans in the Christian metal scene. great stuff

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