Song of the Day: Harvest - Let's Fight

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Pulling from the way back archives, Harvest was an original ministry oriented band from Texas. Comprised of Jerry Williams, Ed Kerr & Paul Wilbur when I first heard of them, their releases appealed to Christian radio big time. Mostly an 80’s band, their discography entailed many early Christian radio hits ranging from the worshipful All That Is In Me to the rocker We’re Gonna Take Hell.  I always dug Jerry’s voice & his charismatic way of leading the audience to see Jesus. A few years I did communicate w/ Ed on social media who was involved with teaching music. This title track SOTD was selected due to its big sound, guitar solo & lyrics that reference 2 Samuel 22:29-51. The 2nd video appears to be a muddy live video. Also, check out for their bios & discography.


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