Song of the Day: Gryp - Against The Crowd

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Fresno, Cali nu-metal band Gryp (fronted by educator Curtis Shamlin) is epic imho. First heard this band’s firt release Indecision while checking out demos at a defunct Christian bookstore in Bloomington, IL & I was immediately hooked. It was different than what was out in 1997 in the Christian realm with staples Ungrateful, Heal Me Back & You Were There. I remember being on their street team when they released their ep Left Behind while stationed in the military in Columbia, SC. I was so excited and gave out numerous CD singles & stickers while hanging out at New Brookland Tavern with numerous bands such as SF59, MeWithoutYou, Underoath, etc… & was having an awesome time being on fire for YHWH. Here are the lyrics to their first single Against The Crowd. This song is still very relevant today.

Almost everyday.
I hear the things they say.
Always being rude.
Going with the multitude.
I pray you to keep me strong.
I know what’s right and wrong.
Keep me from lashing out.
Go against the crowd.
Go against the crowd.
Go against the crowd.
Go against the…
Go against the…
Go against the crowd.
Go against the crowd.
Go against the crowd.
Go against the…
Go against the…
Go against the crowd.
You need to make a change.
You need to rearrange.
You can’t be like them.
You gotta be different.
No more foul words.
No more racial slurs.
No more giving in.
Go against the crowd…

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January 15, 2021 11:22 am

Phil, We were not dropped from Metro One. I asked for them to release us so we could sign with a bigger label called W Records. We were getting really big but unfortunately too big. My wife was going to leave me because I was always touring so I quit. Good news is I am still married and happy. Bad news is I didn’t ever get to fulfill my music career dream.

January 15, 2021 11:15 am

Very Cool. Thanks for the props!
Curtis Shamlin

Phil metalhed
September 29, 2020 2:54 am

Nice. But i always wonderd y they wer dropd from metro 1 afta 1 album. They wer suposd 2 b da next “deftonish band” along wit 3rd root. I wish both bands stuk wit it 4 a few mor years, but o wel. I also found out da curtis was in a secula band calld “Speakers for the Dead” dat pout out a cd in 2006, wierd:

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