Song of the Day: Gone Hazel - Daybreak

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My last review of 2020 & yet another band from the archives! This band was extremely hard to track down. Heard this song Daybreak on an indie Christian website/station back while stationed in the military. My guess is that this song was released during the old download days. It took me probably 15 years before I tracked down a hard copy. There is another band called Gone Hazel, but I do not believe it is the same band. Anyways, finally got a hold of this 2 song demo release on Ebay from a seller whom I am guessing used to be a DJ as was selling rare stuff such as promotional releases from artists.  The other song The Great Evil has a more rockier flair. Hope you like this one as is pretty catchy, but alas pretty rare.

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December 29, 2020 3:24 pm

I love these songs that sound like 2001 in a bottle. I have so many rare downloads like this from and other sites.

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