Song of the Day: Few Left Standing - Scourge

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Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Few Left Standing were a pioneering Spirit Filled Hardcore act along with other greats such as Unashamed, Overcome, and Zao to name a few. They shared their faith through their lyrics unabashedly so. You could hear and feel the passion in Chris’ vocals in all their songs. I picked “Scourge” as the Song of the Day just because it’s so intense. From the intro taken from “Evil Dead 2” to the ending lyrics, “Satan, we rebuke in the name of Jesus Christ! Slither away on your belly before heels hit your head, spineless coward!” There’s so much intensity!!!

Alas, just as Unashamed, Few Left Standing were short lived and only released two full length albums, yet their music still stands strong to this day. Listen and enjoy!!!

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Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson
February 14, 2020 4:12 am

Yes! This song and the entire album just slays.

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