Song of the Day: Everything in Slow Motion - The Fool vs Most Days

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Everything in Slow Motion is hands (pun intended) down one of my fave artists of all time. Shane Ochsner was involved with post hxc outfit Hands. These 2 SOTDs are some of my fave songs of all time. His lyrical content has always meant worlds to me as I have dealt (& still deal) with sins & the freedom YHWH gives is just the most amazing gift we can receive on this earth imho. Take a look at these heartfelt excerpts lyrics from the songs.

Also, here is one of our very own interviews

The Fool: Keep your hands to yourself, I’ll bet you’ve never met a sinner like me.”…I sit alone, with a demon hanging on my back…Finger resting on the trigger, I was weak and hopeless….Everyone talks, but nobody listens…..I’ll be just fine. There’s no rest in the bed that I have made….A fool I am, I’ll hold my pride above the things that keep me suffering….”Can you feel these words? I will never leave you. Lay your burdens to the ground, walk away and I will set you free. And I have always known your name. It kills me son to hear you say ‘keep your hands to yourself …I’ll bet you’ve never met a sinner like me.’ I’ve always know your name.”

Most Days:   I made a promise I would never do this again. But here I am. Getting caught was not enough to bring this to an end. I guess I’ll never learn. Feeding this addiction, keeps me well. At least most days. Stacking lies to keep everyone from finding out. Because if they only knew who I’d become. A fake, a hypocrite, I’m on the run. I can’t do this on my own. Let the hell that follows me, be gone. Bury everything that I’ve become.  I just keep running, but there’s nowhere left to hide. So here I am. Here I am I’m letting go of this tonight. I can’t do this on my own. Only you can save me.


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February 4, 2022 3:29 pm

I really liked the softer side of this album, Numbers always stood out to me as an underrated song from this album

Mark K
Mark K
February 1, 2022 12:18 pm

The best lyrics I have ever heard on the topic and amazing songs as well. Most days is a therapeutic listen because the rise of frustration matches the lyrics perfectly. Phoenix was/is such a great album.

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