Song of the Day: Everdown - Sweet

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Everdown is one of those bands that I heard back in the 90s that quickly rose to the top of my bands that never got old. Their sounds closest mainstream counterpart would be Helmet. The vocalist did not growl or give any guttural sounds & in essence the lyrics are easily understood. Forming in 1992, 1995’s Sicken’s grunge/sludge sound housed personal faves such as Sufferman, Crush & Nation while 1996’s Straining sounded much cleaner w/ greats Unleaded, Flown, One Knuckle Shy, & Seasons In Doubt. This is in the days before Solid State Records when punk, hardcore & alternative bands where thrown in under the Tooth & Nail Records label. Times were great! The band released another song called Easy & called it quits, until 2009 when they released a 2-song single. There is another one that was unreleased per their guitarist John Helmig. Today’s SOTD comes from their 2nd LP.

Lyrics: Movement seems alive And it breaks me with a false sense of what I thought was pride This will is gone My smile is desire In the suffering love of God I tried to let you know

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