Song of the Day: Eowyn - Beautiful Ashes

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Yep, Eowyn is part of her real name. I almost had the chance to interview her back in my college days (I did speak with her husband, but ended up graduating before I could schedule it.) She has a very unique voice which can be compared as a cross between Amy Lee & Lacey Sturm & maybe even Tiffany Arbuckle. Anyways, check these lyrics out & her whole catalog. Here’s to hoping we hear more from her.

You’re beautiful
Though you’re ashes you’ll not waste away
So beautiful
Let your eyes see life with scars not decay

When the darkness overwhelms you
And you feel like no one cares
Do not fear
There is a god who loves you
And he is taking your hands


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Jim Naysium
Jim Naysium
March 7, 2023 7:57 am

I think she recently (2019?) released a worship album, “Just Believe.” It’s decent but doesn’t have the rock elements of her first several albums. I believe she’s also in the music ministry at her church and thus, tours less.

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