Song of the Day: Eli-Unqualified

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Eli used to be know as Paul Falzone. He has a great biography on Christian Music Archive if you want to do a deep dive & is a role model for a Christian coming from a negative start. Jesus worked with him & he said “In life it takes a lot of manure to grow a beautiful rosebush. God has the ability to transform our lives and purify us through what happens to us everyday and though it’s rough at times, it’s incredible to feel and notice the change that is taking place in my life. It is my hope to always share with you who and what I am, warts and all.” I know his music isn’t punky like we have on this site, but at the same time we need more open lyrics like this.

Every night I stand before You
And please know that I’m so glad You came
But who am I that You should treat me like a hero
I am no Superman but just another face

Well, if I had it to do over
I can say I wouldn’t do the same
‘Cause through it all
I’ve learned about my God’s forgiveness
Well, I rejoice ’cause I can turn to Him and say

I have stolen, cheated, I have lied
I am prideful and unqualified
I am broken when I realize it’s God’s grace
It’s God’s grace that cover me

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Daniel J
Daniel J
February 15, 2022 7:47 pm

Nice pick! This album was one of my favourites back in in the day and has so many great songs I still revisit from time to time. Very underrated.

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