Song of the Day: Daniel Band - Paradise

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Canadian’s hard rock Daniel Band found its way to my collection via a local pawn shop in my hometown in Illinois back in the early 90s I would guesstimate. My mother used to buy these old totally illegal rips of bands on cassette tape. It seems so weird now that these arena rock bands we thought of as heavy metal back then! My fave bands back then was Petra, Harvest & White Heart & Whitecross & so this band made sense. Between the lyrics & the rocking music, this song has a special place in my top songs ever. Check out these poignant lyrics as they mean a lot to me.

I remember on that evening
The feeling as I turned away
I can still recall the sadness on the faces
I didn’t have the words to say
How I prayed that I was dreamin, oh dreaming
That the day would steal the scene away
Though I didn’t really know him
Didn’t know him
I’m prayin’ that he had it straight
And living in Paradise

Living in Paradise
Living in Paradise
Living in Him

Oh, the sun sets and the night falls
The time has come to move away
For we can’t remain forever, not forever
Sin has got it’s price to pay
Are you sure that you will be there,
Will you be there ?
When the road you’re on is near an end
And the soul of you is required so I’ll inquire
Will you be where time knows no end ?

Watchin’ the hours slip away
Watchin’ the sun rise to start a new day

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