Song of the Day: Cloud2Ground vs Shiny Toy Guns - Face2Face vs Somewhere to Hide

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There are so many memories of these 2 bands. C2G first started up back in 99 w/ Jeremy Dawson (who is an awesome musician). He added Chad Petree who was in a boy band called PC Quest which started in 91. C2G released 2 of my fave EDM albums of all time. Then they started releasing other projects under Slyder, RRDS & Shiny Toy Guns. STG took over & they ended up releasing their mainstream debut in 06 but was floating around as an indie release in 05. Their first club bangers You Are the One (which had its roots as an 01 demo called Neo) was heard on mainstream radio down south & an awesome industrial trance club I’ve been to in Virginia Beach played Le Disko. Anyways, I have had the awesome chance to see them twice & is one of my top 10 bands of all time whom I wish would make a comeback. The picture is of me with their best (imho) female vocalist Carah.

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January 15, 2023 1:26 am

Interesting to hear from the perspective of a longtime fan who knows something about their earlier history. I became a fan way later in 2007. We Are Pilots is maybe my 3rd favorite album.

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