Song of the Day: Broken Yoke - Ends With You

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Broken Yoke formed as a rap rock hybrid from Ohio & have released 4 albums. Besides this one check out Beautiful, another fave of mine from the band. Also check out these thought provoking lyrics.

Anytime, anywhere
There’s a place that I can go
Where I can know
Your truthful love’s Revealed
It’s only in this place that I feel
Your presence move inside of me
My eyes desire to see beyond the door
My soul slowly crying out
To know you more
My flesh growing weaker with time but I
Regain my strength in you
I spent time on the other side
Crossing the line
Swallowed by pride, and wondering why
All my tendencies
Are giving up so easily
And so I surrendered my life to you
I can’t go where others go
And i can’t know
What some other knows
My life will show
That I’ve been change by the person
Who willingly
Gave up his life for me
Dying just to set me free
Fearless eyes
Timeless times
I see forever fall from you
Patient hands
Pull me in
It begins and ends with you
I’ll never know again
What it might be like
To go again
One second
Without a touch from you
I found the way
I’m gonna stay
Forever I need to say
More that I’ve ever known
You help me
Realize who I am
You help me
See the man living within
You help me
Shine the light so I
Find my way back to you

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