Song of the Day: Black Eyed Sceva - Ecumenical

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I owned both the bands’ LP WBTF & EP back when I was in high school. I consider the band as thinking man’s music set to alt rock music & they had some minor hits back on Christian modern rock charts with Mudhouse, Ryan’s Driveway & Justified. The band would eventually reform as Model Engine. These lyrics always got me thinking & eludes to the yearning for Christian unity. The 5 Minute Walk record label (which I always thought was an outstanding label name) released the 2 albums along with music by Dime Store Prophets (whom I saw live), Mortal, The Electrics, amongst many others. The label’s slogan was Love God, Love Others, Take Time To Listen which is one of the reasons for me doing these writeups. Check out these thought provoking lyrics:

At what price your belief?
How will you stand against the devil’s schemes?
For the struggle we face
Is not against flesh and blood
As if that weren’t enough

Was it a cross or a tree?
What’s it matter if it’s Saturday or Sunday?
What’s worth more?
What we share or what tears us apart?
Etch this grief on your heart

Victims of religion, be forewarned
Try to exchange substance for form
Will you recognize the devils without their horns?
They’re so much harder to see
And they do so much harm

Unity in what is essential
Liberty in non-essentials
And in all things
And in all things
And in all things
And in all things charity

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June 22, 2021 9:40 am

Perhaps my favorite band from the greatest era in the history of Christian music. Was able to see them play with Poor Old Lu, Rose Blossom Punch, etc, and with Five Iron Frenzy, Dime Store Prohets, Dryve, etc. Had a chance to meet and talk to Jeremy and Brad. Good people, good times!

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