Song of the Day: Ballydowse - Blood In Our Guts

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Celtic punk-now that’s a genre one doesn’t hear much of!  But, Chi-town’s Ballydowse does it well. along with other genres such as oi, folk, klezmer & aboriginal. The band rose from the ashes of one of the best hard punk bands ever Crashdog & released 2 LPS produced by Steve Albini. Their lyrics dealt with many social issues that were taboo in the “Christian” music industry. They used many instruments besides the normal guitar, bass, drums including the mandolin, didgeridoo, moorhen, bodhran, whirligig, concertina, fiddle, bagpipes & bullroarer. Try to pronounce all those names & know what they even look like is most definitely a task & this comes from a guy who was attached to an army band back in the day. The most closely related Christian band would be imho The Psalters. Check this SOTD out. & the rest of the Grrr records catalog while you’re at it.

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