Song of the Day: Azusa – Interstellar Islands

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So it has been messing with my head this band Azusa & how I think I know whom they sound like. I know the band is composed of members from The Dillinger Escape Plan (whom I saw live many years ago), Absurd2, Frodus, Arvinger, & lo & behold-Extol, Mantric & Benea Reach! This band is like a female vocal version of those 3 latter bands & has released 7 singles so far. Solid State Records truly knows how to find awesome music IMHO. Eleni Zafiradou is (believe it or not) a pop vocalist, but she screams like the best of my fave female vocalist fronted bands (Your Chance to Die & Bloodlined Calligraphy). She does not growl though on anything I have heard yet. If you like your vocals screeched & your music progressive while still being extreme, look no further! Interstellar Islands captures the essence of this band’s vocals & musicianship quite well.

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August 20, 2020 10:24 pm

Fantastic band. This song got me pumped for their debut. I’d argue that their second album is better, but overall this band is incredible. Anything the Extol lads touch is great.

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