Song of the Day: American Made: How We Roll

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American Made was a fun band that only released 2 LPS, but some of their songs have remained my fave in their tiny genre. What I mean by that is that they combined rapcore with funk & punk & hip hop. Interesting combo for sure, but imho it worked for its time. Both releases garnered Christian rock airplay with the Against The Flow title track, Earth Girls, Matt & Benny & the awesome Better Off Dead. Today’s SOTD believe it or not, was produced by White Heart’s Billy Smiley! Just listen to the intro’s driving bass line & grab your instruments!

When I was 16 I didn’t know what it means
To live my life smooth, and to just live it clean
To live my life for the Lord
Make sure that you just jump aboard
On this slide, slide, slippery slide
No I’m not da brat but I’m funkdafied
With lyrics that keeps the crowd movin’ and keeps the crowd jumpin’
Yo, it’s time for me to break you off sumfin’
I don’t need to tell you where I’m coming from
Yo, I’m not dumb it will keep you numb
You may not believe what I believe
Yo, yo, Jesus showed me how to receive
His everlasting love
that comes from above
Yo, this is how we roll
Without the Lord your message is untold
Yo, this is how we roll

Genesis to Exodus you know you cannot jack with this
Everybody wants to know what happened in Leviticus
Revelation’s gonna shock the nation
like the emancipation proclamation
Whatever you do don’t put your Bible on the shelf
because without the Lord you’ll die with your wealth
Please, Lord God, please save me
Lord, I’m glad you made me

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Stephen Young
May 5, 2021 11:34 am

Miss this band. Saw them at cornerstone. Sadly only two CDs

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