Metaphysical Monday: Nonstop Touring

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Becoming The Archetype is on the road right now and I’m reminded of how much work every band on the road is going through. If you haven’t noticed, the nation is blazing hot right now. And if you didn’t already know, lots of bands our size and smaller frequently sleep in their vans for lack of other lodging accommodations. The result is a mixture of bad smells and zombie-like brains. The positive side is that if you enjoy sticking to the fake leather lining of the front seat, life has never been finer!

I know most of you are aware that your favorite bands tour and most of you are aware that touring isn’t easy. But sometimes, in the midst of battling promoters to get paid and sleeping in the van in 90 degree weather and climbing Mt Doom to return the ring, it’s nice to remind everyone with a freshly-made, first person testimony to how arduous the touring life is.

If you love music (and I’m assuming you do since you’re reading this site), then it is incumbent upon you to support the bands you love when they tour. That’s how many bands our size and smaller make any money at all. If they tour and don’t get decent turnouts and sell a decent amount of merch, continuing just doesn’t make sense.

So check out the events pages of your favorite bands. Are they coming to town? Are try coming even near you? Go see them! Show them some love and support! If you don’t, you risk contributing to their eventual breakup.

But I don’t wanna be all gloom and doom. Touring is sometimes very fun and you know how fun it is to see your favorite band put on a killer show. So go have fun this summer and rock out!