Metaphysical Monday: New Music

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Monday is a magical (or muddled) day, so it’s fitting that Monday (today) is when Becoming The Archetype starts tracking drums for a new record.  Now, this isn’t a self-praising article meant to make you look at me.  But it is a celebration of new music being made, Mondays being awesome for once, and the joy of fresh sounds.

New music isn’t easy.  Humans are creatures of habit and we get used to what we’ve already heard.  Every time you do something new, you’ve got to step out on a limb and risk ruining your reputation, your relationship with your fans (who are your fans because they like your previous material) and your perception of yourself.  For our new record, we’re focusing our sound and crafting a more cohesive album.  People who love Cardiac Rebellion, for instance, will have to adjust their eardrums for a more heavy record that doesn’t use sitars, horns or anything!  Can you believe it?

So let’s talk about new music.  What’s come out so far this year that you like?  What are you looking forward to for the rest of ‘012?  What excites you about the prospect of a new album by a band or artist that you like?