Metaphysical Monday: Moron Mountain

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Everyone reading this article that’s older than 8 years old will remember the zenith of cinema history that was Space Jam.  Regardless of your interest in sports, Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny and Bill Murray shook your very soul with this impeccable piece of movie-making.  One of the best aspects of the movie was the ultra-90s soundtrack, featuring Seal (covering Steve Miller’s “Fly Like an Eagle” in awesome fashion), R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” (which I still hear on the radio), Coolio and tons of other awesome 90s music stars with a decidedly different skin color than me.

I like to draw silly associations between movies/music/TV shows/books/faith and this is one that tickles my fancy, so to speak.  The theme park in the movie is called Moron Mountain and still stands as the best possible name for a theme park of all time.  Sometimes I like to say that such-and-such a band is living on Moron Mountain, either because I find their music impossible to listen to or because the members of the band look like, well, morons.  Moron Mountain has become part of my regular lexicon and I started thinking about whether it’s something that a Christian should say.

The answer to this may appear elementary to you initially, but remember that Jesus wasn’t a patsy.  He said much harsher things to the Pharisees and those that opposed His work on earth.  Now, it is true that He called out those members of the religious elite for spiritual reasons and not (probably) for wearing eye makeup underneath their straightened, dye-black hair (if He did, that’d prove my theory that “scene evil” has been in existence for thousands of years.  And it’d be totally wicked cool).

So my question is this:  if it’s kosher to call out religious hypocrites in dramatic and aggressive fashion, is it also ok to call out artists obviously charading as legit creators of art?  I’m not speaking merely of artists or bands we don’t happen to like, I’m speaking about obvious put-together bands who contain no musical talent other than a well-equipped studio and lots of moolah.

Is it ok to call out fake bands and am I lame for referencing a kids movie from the 90s when I make fun of idiot bands that quite possibly might live on Moron Mountain?