Metaphysical Monday: Moonrise Kingdom

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This article will address several topics, so if you happen to be disinterested in the movie titled Moonrise Kingdom, be not afraid!

But yes, first of all, Moonrise Kingdom was fantastic. I’ve written here before about my feelings on Wes Anderson movies. And I’m here to tell you that his new movie is his best yet. I went to see Moonrise Kingdom with my drummer Chris and bass player Codey. We had a blast as the movie made us laugh and as it wowed us with mesmerizing colors and superb, unique shots. I rate it a 10/10 and would easily put it in my top 20 movies of all time.

But here’s the thing: this whole year could be considered a kingdom of beautiful proverbial moonrises in the movie world. I’ve spoken before about my feelings on the Dark Knight. Well guess what! That new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, comes out in a couple weeks! Furthermore, if you haven’t seen the preview for Django Unchained, I highly suggest you open a new tab and view it now. Seriously, do it now.

My point is, this might be the best year in movies in a long time and I don’t want you to miss out. As if thöse three movies weren’t enough, remember that The Hobbit comes out this December. Yeah, I’m not joking when I sthat hat 2012 might seriously be the best year in movies for a long time.

But really, why all this hullabaloo over movies? Especially mainstream ones? My answer is that art is perhaps the most important physical thing in the universe. I mean that. Literally.

You see, I agree with guys like Tim Keller who argue that Christians should be involved in art and culture as a means for redeeming the world and making Christ’s kingdom come here on earth. But I would go a step further and argue that my most profound experiences with art are the closest I’ve come to hearing God literally speak to me. I’ve never heard God speak in an audible voice. I’m assuming none of you have, either. We can read His word, and that’s a great place to find position standing with God and the basic nature of God and His past actions to reconcile us to Himself. But my argument is that in the here and now, for me and I’ll bet for a lot of you, profound spiritual experiences happen primarily through art. Whether it’s an incredible movie or a TV show or a great book or a CD, I’ve heard most clearly from God in the context of experiencing great art.

Now doesn’t that make art the most important physical thing in your existence? Isn’t that why you’re here? Your found profound meaning in music you’ve listened to. You’ve even probably defined a huge aspect of who you are by the music you connect to. I know I do. Last night on a long drive, Codey said he really enjoyed listening to an album I played for him and I said thank you. I said that because his compliment of the album that I didn’t write or record still felt like a compliment to me personally because I identify part of who I am by that album. And I am justified in doing that because, as I said before, my experiences with art are the closest I get to hearing from God. And that’s powerful.

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