Metaphysical Monday: Christian Literature

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It seems like all the main brains in Christian theology right now are self-proclaimed Reformed guys.  Preachers and authors such as John Piper, R.C. Sproul, John MacArthur, Francis Chan (sort of), Tim Keller, J.I. Packer, Mark Driscoll (also sort of), and David Platt are all either part of the Reformed tradition or are closely related to that family of theology.

Reformed theology can be very controversial, but just to overview the basic emphasis, Reformed theology shoots to unite the modern church with the basic tenants of the Reformation.  Martin Luther and John Calvin are generally held in high regard in this circle of theology.  Of huge prominence are the statements “sola scriptura” (Scripture alone) and “sola fide” (by faith alone).  Because of this, Reformed theology is sometimes referred to as God-centered theology.

John Piper seems to be the most famous author in this group.  I think most of us have heard of at least one John Piper book.  His writings have sparked a small revolution within the church regarding the way we view our relationship with God.  Piper continues to be a famous pastor and author and influential in a large portion of the modern church.

So who is into Reformed theology?  Who likes these authors?  Who hates Reformed theology?

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