In The Silence of the Mind - Positivity, Passion, Power, and Praise (Part 3/3)

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In the Silence of the Mind: November 27, 2013

Positivity, Passion, Power, and Praise (Part 2)

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Happy Thanksgiving to all. With just one more day until Turkey Day, I wanted to close out our list of the greatest and most inspirational songs of all time. This is a playlist I like to call “Positivity, Passion, Power, and Praise” because of the inherent ability of these songs to inspire, fire up, and bring to a place that is more in line with God’s presence. These are songs that you need in your life. Ironically, they can also make you more thankful by their very nature, so the fit to Thanksgiving seemed appropriate. As I mentioned last week, I want to challenge with these songs to take a music fast and, based on the command in Philippians 4:8, dwell on the messages of these songs.

After Thursday it is officially okay to listen to Christmas music, so why not take the next day or two and dwell on these anthems (from all three parts of this series, since there are SOOO many great ones) and see if they don’t inspire you to be more positive, passionate, powerful, and filled with a spirit of praise.

Pillar - FireproofThe Artist: Pillar

The Songs: “Fireproof” (from Fireproof) and “Bring Me Down” (from Where Do We Go From Here?)

Why They Matter: With their “smash mouth” style and in your face lyrics, Pillar has several songs that fit this list rather well, however, the positive passion is no more direct than in “Fireproof” and “Bring Me Down.” Both songs are directly anthemic songs that are meant to inspire, and pull off what they set out to do brilliantly.

“I know who I am and what will happen if you try it, I am fireproof.” “You can’t bring me down, no matter what you try to say.”

Other Notable Songs: “Above,” “Guess Who’s Won,” (from Above), “Simply,” “Frontline” (from Where Do We Go From Here?), “Indivisible” (from Fireproof).

War of Ages - Eternal The Artist: War of Ages

The Songs: “All Consuming Fire” (from Arise and Conquer) and “My Resting Place” (from Eternal)

Why They Matter: In terms of heavy bands, there are few that are as passionate, powerful, and praise-filled than War of Ages. From album to album there is never an anthem lacking. From their earliest days, the band has been a beacon of hope to those with their fists raised in the air. This is another band that has numerous tracks that fit this category, but since I am limited to two per artist (see the rules of the post in part 1), I have chosen the above.

“All Consuming Fire” points to God and the intense blaze He sets inside our hearts. It is perfect for that moment when you know clearly where your life comes from, and therefore chases lesser negative emotions away. “My Resting Place” is similar in this, but has a more direct picture of laying our lives down at His feet. Both bring a passionate praise that leads to a more positive mindset.

Other Notable Tracks: “Through the Flames,” “The Awakening” (from Arise and Conquer), “Stand Your Ground,” “Brothers in Arms,” “My Solitude,” (from Fire From the Tomb), “Rise from the Ashes,” “Strength Within,” “Absence of Fear,” “Heart of a Warrior,” “Silenced Insecurities” (From Pride of the Wicked), “Collapse,” “Eternal (feat. Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.),” (from Eternal), “Immortal,” “Silent Night” (from Return to Life).

Superchick beauty_from_painThe Artist: Superchic{k}

The Songs: Stand Up (Mob Action Remix) (from Regeneration) and “Beauty from Pain” (from Beauty from Pain).

Why They Matter: Superchick is another one of those bands that simply exudes positively passionate energy. From “Stories” to “One Girl Revolution” and spreading throughout their discography, Superchick was (R.I.P.) the banner-bearers for a generation of young teens, whether boy or girl.

Though it is unusual for a remix to eclipse the original, “Stand Up (Mob Action Remix)” does just that. The song begins with a haunting set of keys followed by an account of the pain of this world shattered by the hope of grace and love. However, it is “Beauty from Pain” that possibly inspires the most with its almost heartbreaking account of brokenness giving way to the hope that tomorrow brings through Christ.

Other Notable Tracks: “Get Up,” “Not Done Yet,” “Help Me Out God,” “One Girl Revolution,” “It’ll Be Alright” (from Karaoke Superstars), “One and Lonely,” “So Bright,” “Hero,” “Song 4 Tricia,” “We All Fall,” (from Last One Picked), “Anthem,” “Stories (Down From the Bottom) (feat tobyMac),” “Stand in the Rain,” “It’s On,” “We Live,” “Courage,” (from Beauty from Pain), “Alive,” “Breathe,” “Cross the Line,” “One More” (from Rock What You Got).

Veggie RocksThe Artist: VeggieTales

The Songs: “God is Bigger” and “Stand Up” (from VeggieTunes Vol. 1) (“Stand Up” is also performed by Skillet on Veggie Rocks)

Why They Matter: While we may not be five any longer (actually I was a Jr. High student when I was introduced to these songs/this show by my youth pastor), but who can ignore the lasting power of “God is bigger than the boogeyman, He’s bigger than Godzilla or the Monsters on T.V.?” We may not be afraid of the things that go bump in the night anymore, but there are still plenty of monsters in the world and we still need to be reminded that “God is bigger,” no matter what age. We also need to be reminded to “Stand up for what you believe in… believe in God,” and though Bob and Larry do a great job, it is Skillet’s rocking anthem that really brings that message home.

Other Notable Tracks: Pretty much everything the VeggieTales crew does!

TobyMac Welcome_To_Diverse_CityThe Artist: tobyMac

The Songs: “Irene” (from Momentum) and “Whoopsi-daisy (catchafire)” (from Welcome to Diverse City)

Why They Matter: tobyMac has become an icon in the Christian music industry, and for good reason. Though one could argue that he’s not as “fresh” as he was on his first few albums, Toby has consistently brought truth and power with each release over the years. Still, it is in his first few albums that really seemed to bring a passion that inspired.

“Irene” takes a look at situations that bring us to our knees and reminds us that powerful things can happen when we fall to our knees before our Father. “Catchafire” may seem an odd choice, but in terms of infectious anthems, this one certainly brings “that fire.”

Other Notable Tracks: “Momentum” (from Momentum), “Stories (Down to the Bottom) (feat Superchick),” “Burn for You,” (from Welcome to Diverse City), “Tonight,” “Get Back Up,” (from Portable Sounds), “Unstoppable” (from Eye On It).


Staple EpThe Artist: Staple

The Songs: “Fists Afire” (from Staple) and “Hesitate” (from Staple EP)

Why They Matter: Staple was one of those bands that brought a certain amount of gravitas and intensity just in the way they arranged their songs, played their instruments, and screamed their lyrics. Right away the listener’s spirit was energized before anything else was said, but Staple also had a way of speaking life over their audience.

With “Fists Afire,” Staple promised that we would stand with our fists afire and “we will live before we die.” With “Hesitate” the band proclaimed that they were “wide awake, won’t hesitate when I see You there… You’re what I’m waiting for.”

Other Notable Tracks: “Do or Die,” and “Forging Generals” (from Of Truth and Reconciliation)

John Reuben Professional_RapperThe Artist: John Rueben

The Songs: “Life is Short” (feat tobyMac) (from Professional Rapper) and “Up and At Them” (from Hindsight)

Why They Matter: Without trying to sound repetitious, John Rueben is just another one of those artists that brings inspiration and passion to many of his songs. From the epic “Do Not” all the way through his more folksy period, Johnny Reubonic brings an intense passion and energy few can match.

With “Life is Short” John and tobyMac bring a very simple message, “life is short, don’t waste it. Your life is what you make it.” Though it is a simple message, it is the execution here that really makes it sink in.

With “Up and At Them” Rueben brings an almost cheerleader-like energy (ironic considering his cheerleader video) that just sinks a special energy into the listener’s soul.

Other Notable Tracks: “Do Not,” “No Regrets” (from Are We There Yet?), “Doin'” (from Hindsight), “Move” (from Professional Rapper), “Confident” (from Sex, Drugs, and Self Control).

Manafest - Manafest_FighterThe Artist: Manafest

The Songs: “Never Let You Go” and “Come Alive” (from Fighter)

Why They Matter: When I reviewed Manafest’s Fighter I noted about how overly positive the album is. From start to finish, this is an experience that makes your soul light up. So, the choice to pick two from that album was at once a no-brainer and a hard decision as “Bring the Ruckus” and other songs from past albums certainly fit the bill. Still, as I’ve said about other albums on this list, there are few other complete albums that bring a positive, powerful, passionate, and praise-filled spirit as Fighter. “Let You Go” reminds the listener that God will never let them go and makes you believe it, where “Come Alive” inspires dead hearts to beat again.

Other Notable Tracks: “Not Ready to Die” (from Epiphany), “No Plan B,” “Bring the Ruckus” (from The Chase), “Fighter,” “Pushover,” “Not Alone,” “Prison Break,” “Will You Catch Me” (from Fighter).

Thousand foot krutch the art of breakingThe Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch

The Songs: “Bring Me to Life” (from Welcome to the Masquerade) and “Move” (from The Art of Breaking)

Why They Matter: Moving from Manafest to TFK, or vice versa, makes perfect sense. Not only are the two artists/bands great friends, but they also share an affinity for uplifting powerful rock with a hint or so of hip-hop. TFK brings unrivaled passion to many of their projects and these two songs are mere reflections of that passion.

“Bring Me To Life” asks God to “breathe air into me” and restore a broken life, where “Move” simply asks the listener to move from the crutches they cling to and move in God’s spirit. Both present their message with a contagious passion.

Other Notable Tracks: “When in Doubt,” “Set it Off” (from Set it Off), “Step to Me,” “Rawkfist,” “New Design,” (from Phenomenon), “Hand Grenade,” “Hit the Floor” (from The Art of Breaking), “Falls Apart,” “My Home,” “Learn to Breathe,” “Safest Place,” (from The Flame in All of Us), “Fire it Up” (from Welcome to the Masquerade), “Light Up the Sky,” “I Get Wicked” (from The End is Where We Begin).

Disciple - This Might Sting a LittleThe Artist: Disciple

The Songs: “God of Elijah” (from By God) and “Big Bad Wolf” (from This Might Sting A Little)

Why They Matter: Disciple is one of those bands that has lasted through the years. While I certainly like their newer sound/albums, it is their “old” rapcore days that seemed to inspire the most.

“God of Elijah” is a rocking reminder of Elijah’s confrontation with the prophets of Baal and, by extension, a reminder that God can overcome any odds in our lives. “Big Bad Wolf” hits a similar note and reminds the listener that “the big bad wolf will never get me again.”

Other Notable Tracks: “Bring the Heat” (from This Might Sting A Little), “By God,” “Blow the House Down,” “Whether They Like It Or Not,” (from By God), “Fear” (from Back Again), “Only You,” “Rise Up,” “Be the Quiet,” (from Disciple), “Game On,” “After the World,” “Fight For Love” (from Scars Remain), “321,” “Lay My Burdens” (from Southern Hospitality), “Watch It Burn,” “Battle Lines,” (from Horseshoes and Handgrenades).

Haste the Day - When Everything fallsThe Artist: Haste the Day

The Song: “When Everything Falls” (from When Everything Falls) and “Autumn” (from Dreamer)

Why It Matters: While there are certainly a few tracks by Haste the Day that I’m overlooking, “When Everything Falls” is simply one of the best fitting songs to this playlist that there is. The battle chorus of “I will stand, I will stand, when everything falls away” quickens the soul. “Autumn,” on the other hand is a somber track, but it brings with it a powerfully passionate and inspiring look at life.

Other Notable Tracks: “Wake Up the Sun” (from Attack of the Wolf King).



For a list that has spanned three individual posts, this has been a massive endeavor. Still, there is so much more that could be said. On that note, here are a few that I wanted to include, but didn’t want to stretch into a fourth massive post.

All the Rest:

Josh Garrels – “Flood Waters”, “A Far-off Hope” – Love and War and the Sea In Between

As I Lay Dying – “Upside Down Kingdom” – The Powerless Rise

dc Talk – “Things of This World” – Nu Thang

Evergreen – “Let it Out” – Evergreen

Sanctus Real – “Beautiful Day” – In the Name of Love: Artists United for Africa

Lecrae – “Children of the Light (Feat. Sonny Sandoval and Dillavou)”, “God is Enough (feat. Flame and Jai)” – Rehab

Lil’ Dre – “En Fuego”, “Created” – Under Construction

Lil’ Dre – “This Joy (feat. Sunny-D)” – Strapped Up

Close Your Eyes – “Burdened by Hope,” “My Way Home” – Line in The Sand

38th Parallel – “Higher Ground”, “Horizon” – Turn the Tide

12 Stones – “Soulfire” – Self-Titled

Pax 217 – “Yesterday (feat. Dogwood)” – Engage

East West – “She Cries” – The Light in Guinevere’s Garden

Red – “Breathe into Me” – End of Silence

Righteous Vendetta – “Defiance”, “The Fire Inside”, “Fight Back” – The Fire Inside

7eventh Time Down – “Alive in You”

That’s it for this series. Think I missed something? Be sure to put any artist/song that brings positivity, passion, power, and a heart of praise in the comments section below. Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May these songs (from all three parts of this post) bless you and help you to “dwell on these things” (Phil. 4:8).