Have you heard of Gears of Redemption?

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Oklahoma’s Gears of Redemption is Nu-metal at its finest imho. RIYL: Korn, These 5 Down, etc… Complete with a thumping bass guitar, driving drums & angst ridden vocals, this 4 piece band brings the controlled chaos. 2000’s The War of Blood & Rust (released by Godfather records) was the only album to emerge before the band disbanded. The rockier indie Christian shows showcased This Is Me, Shedding Skin & My Life in their playlists. Their song No Time found its way on Cross Rhythms Extreme Music Sampler Vol 4.  One can still access their old Angelfire homepage which has the bio for their bass player which I find to be one of the best in the genre. This is their song My Life

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May 10, 2020 8:54 am

here the link to the full album on YT
#SSID2YA #numetal4

Phil metalhed
Phil metalhed
April 26, 2020 1:12 am

Yes!! Such a shame they only put out 1 album. But i always found em mor simila 2 7dust than any of da bands u mentiond. Bring bak gor+ Godfatha rec!!

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