Album Showcase: Reflescent Tide -Self Titled

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Reflescent Tide is one of the first Christian rock bands I heard of way back in the mid 90s. There was a college show out of the University of Illinois that had a DJ that would play all kinds of music I had never heard of. The 3 piece band out of Canada had a 2 cd career. Their follow up actually had a music video which is grainy on YouTube They do not look like rock stars akin to most music released at the time. They just looked like normal dudes with French last names. Photo shoots after their first cd shows they cut most of their long hair off! They also had a cover of Rich Mullin’s Hold Me Jesus on The Mother of All Tribute Albums. Singer Jeff has a gravelly rock voice that is very distinct.

So this first cd was a doozy & was bought on cassette at the time. The music genre is driving hard rock. The cover looks like an older gentleman holding some bread. Released by Rugged Records in 1995 (same label that brought us Disciple & Wyrick, amongst many others), the 12 track runtime is 53 minutes 8 seconds. Pretty impressive for a debut imho. This was an interesting time in Christian music as alternative, metal, funk, punk, arena rock & hard rock bands all found their way onto regular Christian rock charts. There is not one clunker here. Starting right off the gate with rocker Wasted Me, I saw this song actually pop up on old music charts such as 7Ball Magazines. Man can Jeff sing! Was included in a couple compilation cds also. Next up comes Home which seemed out of place as 2nd track as the tempo slowed down, but picks up at the chorus. It also is the longest track coming in at 6:09. Came The Time is a classic & is the first song I heard from them all those years ago. Mindpen has a doomy feel. Distant is a ballad which I completely understand about feeling so far from YHWH at times. Coffee is a mid rocker/ballad. Slipping Through My Hands has gotta be the most aggressive song. Listen to the first 10 seconds & you will understand. Gluepot is another classic & makes me sing along. Weekly Reader is another classic that just rocks. Broken is another favorite & remains one of my favorite rock worship songs. Finding Your Way is another one that should have been all over the radio. Last, but not least, is Your Lead which lyrical prowess reminds me of letting go & letting God & following His lead no matter how difficult that might be.

All in all, most of these songs should have found their way on regular radio. Their singer & drummer continued in music as soloists & have music out there on the web. Here is the 3rd track Came The Time.

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January 22, 2021 8:51 am

Such a great album! I have listened to the RT debut album countless times on cassette (worn out) and then CD. How I missed the fact there was a follow-up album is beyond me. This is one of those albums that if I’m ever in music store and see it, my eyes pop out and I have to grab the copy and then hopefully pass it along to someone who would appreciate it. It’s on the top 25 of my “if I lived on an island Christian albums to have…” ( The self-titled album is one of my favorites played… Read more »

Jon-Paul LeClair
Jon-Paul LeClair
February 24, 2021 7:59 am

Hey all! JP LeClair here (drummer, Reflescent Tide)… Thanks for the article. One correction; we’re from Wisconsin, not Canada 😉

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