Immersed by Sinai Beach

7 Incredibly Energetic Metal and Hardcore Albums You Need to Hear Before You Die

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Energy is something that is extremely hard to gauge on a music album. Energy is the tone and excitement portrayed by the musicians. It’s the passion you hear in the sound. But how does one contain the energy of The Chariot and put that into an album? If you’ve ever seen them live, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Or Emery. They know energy. Ever notice the first track on any of their albums is one of their heaviest or hardest songs?

Mainstream music production tends to suck the energy right out of music. This is one of the big reasons why I usually don’t like a lot of the billboard-topping artists. Today, I’m giving you 7 albums that exude pure energetic passion.

1.) Kingdom Days In An Evil Age by Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant is one of those bands that are continually overlooked. You’ll find no band more honest and real than Sleeping Giant. Kingdom Days is raw, real, and powerful. The lyrics all share a theme of victory, triumph, and revival. Lead vocalist Tommy Green screams from his heart. You can even hear the excitement in the guitars. You would be hard-pressed to find a similar album that has accomplished what Sleeping Giant has with Kingdom Days In An Evil Age.

2.) Naked and Cold by Advent

Naked and Cold by Advent

Advent left us as fast as they came, meanwhile releasing two incredibly awesome albums. I don’t think they will be remembered ever for having one of the best albums of all time, but I think they’ll be known for having some of the most passionate. Pure, unadulterated hardcore. Without any hint of cliché lyrics or regurgitated metalcore singing, Joe Musten, lead vocalist, screams, “Your blood, it sets me free. The chains of death are no more. The chains of death are loosened for all; atonement for all sin.” Advent will never be forgotten.

3.) No Secret Is Revealed by Affiance

No Secret Is Revealed by Affiance

I might have surprised you with this one. Affiance, though quickly climbing the ranks, is still widely not known. But they should be. Dennis Tvrdik, lead vocalist, is without a doubt one of the most talented vocalists in metal right now. When August Burns Red released their first album, I told everyone they would be huge. Affiance is that next band. Not only do they have one of the most original music videos I’ve ever seen, they’re also one of the most passionate. Their new album The Campaign releases next Tuesday.

4.) Immersed by Sinai Beach

Immersed by Sinai Beach

Unfortunately, Sinai Beach was one of those bands that were forgotten pretty quickly. Lead vocalist CJ Alderson left the norm of metalcore with some of the most original vocals I’ve ever heard. Moreover, I still get chills listening to them. Their energy and passion is immediately obvious upon listening or watching. Sinai Beach is one of those bands that you either love or hate, but you can’t deny their passion.

5.) Terminate Damnation by Becoming the Archetype

Terminate Damnation by Becoming The Archetype

Becoming the Archetype remains as one of the most beloved bands in Christian metal and I suspect it will remain that way. Terminate Damnation, their first album, is still a classic. With three grueling guitars and lyrics like, “the dead rise up to praise You, Your love goes far beyond the grave“, I couldn’t imagine a more passionate and energetic band. Becoming the Archetype made something special here that I don’t think will ever be forgotten.

6.) Give Me Rest by Hands

Give Me Rest by Hands

If you’re a Hands fan, you know there’s no arguing this one. Hands blew many of us away with Give Me Rest. Between the extremes of post-rock, metal, and hardcore, vocalist/guitarist Shane Ochsner’s emotional pleading is bound to draw you in, “I will take your hand. Don’t ever let me go. ‘Be still and know that I am God.’” There’s no question that emotions are at the forefront of this band’s sound. Their live show was equally passionate.

7.) One Wing by The Chariot

One Wing by The Chariot

All of The Chariot fans up until now have been wondering why there isn’t a Chariot album in this list, because they know The Chariot could fill up this entire list with their discography. One Wing is the culmination of five previous albums/EPs and almost 10 years of absolutely ridiculous live shows under their belt. The Chariot will always be remembered for their live shows. If for some weird reason, you’ve never heard this band or seen them… it’s time.

Why Energy Is Important

One last note. I think emotion and energy is widely absent in music today, which is why I love metal and hardcore so much. I get an energy and feeling of excitement I don’t get from much else. I think it’s important to remember that albums, music, and bands aren’t always about the music… sometimes it’s a message, an energy, or an idea. If you can grasp what the band is trying to say or the emotion they’re trying to portray, I think you’ll experience music at a whole new level.