Sleeping Giant – Kingdom Days In An Evil Age

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Sleeping Giant – Kingdom Days In An Evil Age
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Artist:  Assignable Contract.
Title:  Kingdom Days In An Evil Age
Label: Purchase Rosetta Stone 347.
Release Date:  7/12/2011
Reviewer:  Jeremiah Holdsworth


1.  Throne Room Militance
2.  Dead Men Walking
3.  Eyes Wide Open
4.  The Cross Is Suicide
5.  ICXC
6.  Tithemi
7.  Tongues Of Fire
8.  Jehova Shalom
9.  The Unnamable Name
10.  Morning Star
11.  Enthroned

Sleeping Giant is made up of lead singer Thom Green, guitarists Eric Gregson and Geoff Brouillette, bassist J.R. Bermuda, and drummer Matt Weir.  They’ve been around since late 2006, and have been using their opportunity, to tell their crowds about God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.  They do it not only by the lyrics in their songs, but also giving testimonies, and preaching from the stage.  I saw them in Jacksonville Florida at the end of 2009, and Thom was giving his testimony about how he slept with his best friends’ wife, who in turn committed suicide because of it.  How he later came to accept Jesus Christ as his savior, after the tragic event happened.  He wanted to commit suicide himself but God came and saved him.  An audience member then yelled “F*ck Jesus” and security came to kick him out.  Thom yelled “No no, let him stay.  Don’t kick him out for that.”  He then told him, “Jesus loves you too and wants to take away your hate and burdens,” and then proceeded into the song Whoremonger.  I’ll never forget that, and I admire Thom for showing him God’s love, when no one else probably would.

Kingdom Days In An Evil Age is Sleeping Giant’s third full-length album and it doesn’t hold anything back.  Sleeping Giant moving to Ain’t No Grave Records really worked in their favor, because it allowed the band to get a bigger budgeted recording, which might not have been possible with Facedown Records.  Everything you’ve come to love,(or didn’t love), about the band has been brought out, but to the fullest.  First I start off with the musicianship.  The drumming on this album blows anything prior out of the water.  Matt Weir sounds like he could compete with the best that’s out there, and adds complexity that wasn’t there previously.  Wild double bass flurries and blast beats dominate most of this album.  The guitar riffs are also more complex, and a lot faster at times, as well.  The trade offs between Geoff and Eric, really helps bring this album to life.

Lyrically the album has more of a worship and preaching feel then ever before.  “Throne Room Militance” is about living for the kingdom and destroying the enemy that tries to take us down.  There’s only one hope / Kingdom / It’s the man Christ crucified / So we live and die for the secret life / And to the enemy of our souls / We’ve come here to destroy  “Dead Men Walking” tells about prophesying the Word to all the unsaved.  To the dead men walking.  “Eyes Wide Open” is a prayer to God that we would stop looking at the problems and ignoring the real issues.  That we pray with our eyes open so we can see all the injustice that constantly surrounds us.  “The Cross Is Suicide” is about dying for the sake of the cross.  The cross is suicide / We are suicide / All should come and die / Not for the symbol / But for the one who is symbolized  “ICXC” is about the coming wrath of God.  Jesus why did you end up dead? / There is a rage / You breathe holy terror / Stronger than all of our pride / Oh holy terror / Drop a bomb on the inside / Kingdom violence / So necessary  “Tithemi” is a song about how everyone and everything will bow down to Jesus name.  “Tongues Of Fire” is about speaking the Word Of God to all the earth.  “Jehovah Shalom” is a straight forward worship song about God’s ultimate supremacy over everything.  Jehovah Shalom / You are presence / You are joy / You are my future / You are my past / You are faithful / You are true / You are judgement / Only your justice remains  “The Unnamable Name” is a song for all the martyrs and oppressed that God will avenge the blood of the saints.  “Morningstar”  is about anticipating the return of Jesus Christ.  The last song “Enthroned” is a piano driven worship song about encountering Christ When I realize the life you gave / Bringing me to the light / Like the scales have finally dropped from my eyes / You restored my sight / Now I can find / We are chosen / We are called / We belong to the Kingdom  There were a couple of things, here and there, that I wasn’t sure what was actually meant lyrically.  Even after reading all the song explanations, I didn’t quite get the answer I was looking for, to help clear a couple things up.  It’s nothing that prevented me from being able to enjoy this album, but it did leave me scratching my head.

Overall:  Musically this album is kicking on all cylinders.  If you were a fan of Sleeping Giant before, then you will definitely be impressed with this release.  If you weren’t a fan then I definitely recommend checking this one out, because this isn’t the same Sleeping Giant from the past.  I also recommend getting the deluxe edition, because the three bonus tracks, are just as good, if not better, then most of the songs on the regular album.



Sleeping Giant - Kingdom Days In An Evil Age, 4.0 out of 5 based on 38 ratings An Essay On The Joy Of Helping Others.

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90 Responses to 'Sleeping Giant – Kingdom Days In An Evil Age'

  1. Phd Thesis Of Thin Films. says:

    Let’s keep the comments civil, please! :)

  2. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one scratching my head, too. Overall, I loved the album, but yeah…lyrically, I was kind of confused in what was trying to be said, because if I took it how I wanted to, then I definitely didn’t agree. But then again, it’s not like these guys are trying to deceive anyone: their hearts are truly for Jesus. There’s no questioning that. Anyways. Phenomenal album. Matt used to play drums for a band called Remembrance, if anyone remembers them. I noticed on Remembrance’s Wikipedia page, no one updated that he moved over to SG, so…I did it. :P

  3. Jake says:

    this album is so amazing. I felt the Spirit of God so powerfuly listening to this. He totally used this cd to meet me right where i was a tell me alot. Glory to God :)

  4. sam30 says:

    Quick point for accuracy’s sake – Goeff has been there since the first album. Eric was the new guitarist that joined for Sons of Thunder.

    I saw they had a new drummer, but how long for I’m not sure. Any idea why Travis left?

    I’ve not heard the album, but I’m interested in hearing what people think of it.

  5. CellarGore says:

    Could you list some of the lines that made you scratch your head? I see that there’s been some debating/deleting going on here, but I’m only asking because I can’t find a site that has the entire album’s lyrics yet… and I kinda want to buy this.

    • I second this request. If the confusing lyrics have to do with what we’re calling “dominion theology” I think I’ve been exposed to enough of that to try to fairly explain what they’re talking about and where they’re coming from, whether you agree or not.

    • Loren Wade says:

      Third-ed. Haha.

      Haven’t read completely through the lyrics yet, but I haven’t heard anything crazy?

    • Steve says:

      dominion theology?

    • Loren Wade says:

      And if anyone gets their hands on the lyrics, cause I only have the iTunes version one until my deluxe arrives, a link would be awesome!

    • David M says:

      Honestly, there’s nothing that is “WOAH, SWEEPING BRYANT, WHAT DID YOU DO THERE?!” Just with my walk in Christ, I’m not entirely sold on the whole “current day prophet and priests” deal and with Tongues of Fire, it is a bit more charismatic, I guess, than I’m used to. So it just made me wonder. That was the only one that I can think of right off the bat. But it’s not a huge pressing matter, and I’m open to being wrong. I’m learning more and more of His Word each day.

      And no, Josh, I brought up “dominion theology” because that was brought up with another band last year, and I thought it was the same person who commented up yonder. ^^^

    • I was going to work on getting all the lyrics posted so everyone can read them for themselves and gather their own interpretations. I’ll try and have them posted tonight or sometime tomorrow night. Like I said in the review, it’s just little things here and there that kinda left me pondering what they actually meant, or why they used the words that they used. I can’t speak for the lyrics because I didn’t write them. I do prefer stuff cut and dry and it’s not in certain parts. It could have been that they were just metaphorically speaking and I just didn’t understand what they were getting at.

  6. taras91 says:

    i got the deluxe. its awesome. i am little pissed that i payed 16 bucks for the deluxe and i cant get the “itunes bonus one title destroy all idols”. i can buy it only if i buy the whole album on itunes. the album is just sick!!!

    • dacheat says:

      In all honesty if I was in that situation I’d pirate the one song. I mean you’ve already bought the album, shouldn’t you get to listen to all the songs on it?

      Especially if you paid 16 bucks for the deluxe edition.

    • Loren Wade says:

      …I bought both. :D

    • Chandler A. says:

      This is really bugging me now…I want ALL the tracks with the purchase of ONE album :P because I haven’t bought it yet

    • Justin says:

      Loren, I feel your excitement. If I enjoy something enough, I often don’t mind buying something twice. It’s all to support ministry endeavours, right? I waited forever for my physical of Mattie Montgomery’s new disc to come in the mail. But I couldn’t wait any longer, so I bought it on Itunes. lol. I have bought a few albums more than once. No big deal.

    • Chandler A. says:

      Haha @Justin I do mind when I have a million other albums to buy :)

    • Justin says:

      You’re right, bro. No blame there. So many good releases all of a sudden. SP, ABR, Hands, My Epic, TGC, Phinehas….. Save every nickel!! This summer is going to be boomin!!

    • DT says:

      They may offer it later individually through itunes or amazon. That happened with The Showdown’s last album; exclusive tracks for the CD and itunes full length. A few months later you were able to get them individually. Patience is a biblical virtue. Pirating is not, but whatevs.

    • dacheat says:

      I just feel that if you pay for a CD you should get all of the songs on it. I don’t condone pirating the whole album, but if it’s just that one exclusive song and you’ve already paid full price for the physical I don’t see the harm.

  7. Coiln says:

    Like a few of the previous posts I believe that the gentleman that reviewed this album needs to explain why he is scratching his head regarding some of the lyrics. I have not yet purchased the album but are intending to do so, but have in the past relied on the IVM staff & writers to review bands & albums before I buy or further research to possibly buy.
    Looking forward to some sort of explanation.

  8. Loren Wade says:

    This is my second 10 album of the year. This never happens to me. Within one week’s time, I received this and Hands – Give Me Rest.

    Mind. Blown.

  9. Loren Wade says:

    This AND Hands in one week’s time?

    Mind = Blown. Probably my only two “10”s of the year.

  10. BMer says:

    no one can deny that Sleeping Giant (and For Today) always start discussions, which is great. Whether you agree or disagree with their beliefs, people are digging deeper into their own beliefs and strengthening their own foundations. Not many bands make bold statements in their music like Sleeping Giant, i admire them for putting everything out there and not being ambiguous / veiled about where they stand.

    that said, i’m not a huge fan of this album just because i think the song crafting is not as good as previous albums; 7/10

  11. taras91 says:

    i would pirate it but cant find it anywhere

  12. taras91 says:

    Defiance lyrics:

    you know it started in the garden eden when we walked away from gods plans. we gave away dominion, placed it in the devils hands and jesus took it back. now we gain it all because he died. name of names, god of gods, jesus crucified. generation calling out, do you want to know? we have a love eternal, peace, a holy kind, and so we sing, is there a love like this great love that we know? is there god like the great god above? no! who sacrificed all his freedom, and the life of his son? no! you bow your knee to idolatry just cause trouble comes? no! now i can feel you in existence as you teach me from your word of truth. ive been making evil plans with idle hands, you come and you renew my youth. im like an engle, lord. i can feel it now but i cant understand. spirit light father life, come and take my hand. i can feel it in the air i breathe. powerful to know there’s one life, one truth, one way. i can never let you go. so to the earth and its deception, to the panic in the heart of man, to the choices made in eden and to the once who rule under that plan – were here to take it back we will welcome heavens ruler, as we sing out to the broken souls. oh, would be the true rebellion? come meet the kingdom chorus and finally say no!

  13. Justin says:

    (I’m from Surrey, BC) and I called up Vancouver’s HMV megastore. They were bringing in only ONE copy of this album for release day. AND IT WAS A DELUXE EDITION!!!! I can’t believe that. Crazy. Anywho, they held it for me, and now it’s mine. Totally one the best albums this year. Amazing, amazing spiritual value.

  14. Anywho, I’ve been listening to this album non-stop and I love it more today than I did yesterday! :)

  15. Jessica C says:

    I just got this today, and I love Sleepy G just as much as I have since Dread Champions. Great job on the review; everything was spot on, as far as I’m concerned. I had one of the most amazing experiences with God at their Cornerstone set this year. These dudes have always been about Jesus and Kingdom business, and I’m so thankful for their boldness and ministry.

  16. The Holy Spirit flows through them so powerfully. I pray the Lord continues to use them to fight in the darkest parts of this world.

  17. synn'r sainte jeb'beau says:

    After over 20 years in the “scene”, this for me, is “The Underground’s Official Manifesto of Faith”. So much encouragement & declaration. All Glory and Honor to Jehovah’s Son, Jesus Christ, both Lamb of Sacrifice & Lion of Salvation. The clarion of battle calls… and the enemy shakes!

  18. Dan S. says:

    I’m gonna be brave here…lol
    First off, I’ll explain what I really like.
    The production sounds fantastic. The drumming was also really tight and spot on.
    I also like the fact that Thom’s vocals are really beast but at the same time very understandable. The lyrical content was fantastic too.
    Enthroned. Wow…what an incredible track. I loved that one.
    That being said…Enthroned was really the only track that stood out to me.
    There really wasn’t much variety with the riffs…for me, they kinda ran into each other. The tracks didn’t seem too distinguished. They just seemed to drone on in the same sound.
    Its not bad, not at all. Just for me, it got a little boring. It’s nothing that I’m dying to go back and listen to again.
    *Ducks as flying projectiles zoom over his head* :)

    • Brian W says:

      I actually agree with you, and I’ve liked Sleeping Giant since their first album. However, I think that Morning Star is an amazing song that stands out. Dead Men Walking is pretty cool to me too, but a lot of the other blend together for me. Father To The Fatherless is pretty great though. It’s on the deluxe edition.

  19. TheCaptainSteve says:

    Its like an assault of praise and worship on my ears, and I love it.

  20. devin says:

    boring album.

    • Loren Wade says:

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion… but man… it is hard for me to say this album is boring.

      The lyrics are so powerful. I’ve never listened to an album and felt such presence of the holy spirit over it.

    • devin says:

      when i listen to an album, lyrics are secondary. especially in this genre, SG (while i enjoyed them live when i saw them 2-3 years ago) is not very good on their recordings. i haven’t noticed any real difference in any of their albums. sure, it might sound different in terms of better vocals, faster drums, better production, whatever. but in terms of songwriting and structure and all of that, it’s boring to me. i couldn’t even get through listening to this album. it just sounds the same. same with For Today, Impending Doom, etc. it’s just all the same. to me anyway.

    • Loren Wade says:

      Bummer. I disagree.

      And I’m the opposite, lyrics always come first to me. Music is always secondary.

  21. Justin (the other) says:

    I’m not jumping in to start an argument here, or get off the topic of SP, but I’m curious. Devin, could you tell us about some of the bands you’re into? What kind of stuff inspires you musically? I’d love to hear about some music that excites you.

    • devin says:

      U2, coldplay, bruce springsteen, all the day holiday, advent, bane, american nightmare, have heart, verse, make do and mend, defeater, xLooking Forwardx, champion, bazan, H2O, Jawbone, Johnny Cash, Kanye, Lemuria, Shai Hulud, so long forgotten, take it back, etc.

  22. Justin (the other) says:

    I understand a lot of your interests. A lot of really genre-defining bands there. However, I didn’t forsee Kanye in the list. lol. No matter.

  23. The thing I love about Sleeping Giant is that I can’t think of any bands they sound like. Yes there albums are similar, but it’s their own sound. This album is really good, better than their last, but their first album still has my heart. John

  24. Godzola says:

    Anyone brought up Frankie from Emmure screams on “Eyes Wide Open?”
    Idk how many people here listen to Emmure, but he’s lyrics are definitely not Christian, at least from what I’ve gathered. Seriously, “kill my ex because she cheated on me” is a recurring theme in his lyrics.
    Does anyone know the story on how he got involved with that track on this record?

  25. metalhunter says:

    What I noticed on all sleeping giant albums, is that the differences are subtle but present. If you’re expecting something with great in variety without your ears peeled, you won’t notice it. But its there. I’d give a 9/10.

  26. CellarGore says:

    Alright, I buckled down and got this album based solely on the good reviews here. Not being a fan of their last albums, this one really blew me away.

    I give it a 8/10 – really, really good.

  27. Tim says:

    I’ve had a couple of listens now. It hasn’t hit me as much as ‘Sons of Thunder’ (so far) but it’s still a good listen. Regardless, early days!

  28. BC says:

    I saw Sleeping Giant at Sonshine, and it was an awesome show! I also got the chance to talk with Tommy on Thursday and got a signed deluxe edition of the album. He seemed like a great guy, and the energy he brought to the show was tremendous. I haven’t listened to the album yet, but I’m sure it will be great.

  29. dacheat says:

    Argh why is this not on Spotify?

  30. So i finaly got my “pre_ orda” of this+ tgc in yestaday, lol. Anyway, i agree wit the review 4 the most part, howeva, i probly wuda given it an 8, a 9 just seems a tad much. And the only reason i wud giv it an 8 is cuz it has mor songs on it than sons of thunda, lol. Otha than that, its prety much “sons of thunda 2”, in terms of music+ lyrix, lol. Also, imo, they stil havent topped ther debut, dred champs, wich i thot was an easy 9. I wuda given sons of thunda a 7 since it was only 9 trax+ i didnt like it as much overall as dred champs or kingdom days. So ther u go, jeremiah, lol.

    • Loren Wade says:

      I thought it sounded nothing like Sons of Thunder. Most of Sons of Thunder contains riffs that continue on for more than a minute long and it was pretty repititious. Now, don’t get me wrong… I still love the CD. But, Kingdom Days have very few slow moments.

      That said,

      Am I the only one that is giving it a 10?

    • A 9 is a tad too much? And you give it one score down? hahahaha. You crack me up. I don’t care what other people say about you. I appreciate your opinions.

    • Loren Wade,

      Gud 4 u, but thats my opinion n im stikin 2 it, lol.

      Jeremiah Holdsworth,

      Ya, and? I just sed i like it beta than sons of thunda, thats y i wud giv it an 8, cuz sons is a 7 4 me. Dred champs was a 9 4 me. Lol, im glad i “crak u up”+ i “dont care wat people say” about me eitha, lol. Cool.

    • CellarGore says:

      @Jeremiah, Isn’t the difference between an 8 and 9, by definition, more or less a “tad?” I don’t get the funny there.

    • CellarGore,

      Thats wat i was tryin 2 say, lol. Anyway, wens the new antestor comin out+ whos ther new druma?

    • @cellargore – phil always cracks me up. I get his humor, and I laugh at a lot of his comments, when most people just get annoyed with them.

    • Chandler A. says:

      @Loren Wade I got the deluxe and I’d give it a 10 for sure…probably my favorite album to come out this year. At least top 3 for sure.

  31. MattR says:

    I’m with you Loren, this album is outstanding! One of my favorites and I can’t stop listening to it. It gets better and better every time I listen to it. A perfect 10 in my book.

  32. dacheat says:

    I was disappointed with this… I guess they’re just not my thing. Mad props for their ministry and all, but I just can’t get into them.I listened twice straight through, and then I went back to Phinehas.

  33. I’m with Loren. This is one of my fav discs of the year. Top notch rating from me, easy 10. This is an absolutely bombastic disc lyrically and musically. This album is going to be in my stereo for a long time.

    And Phinehas? They’re really good. Fantastic lyrics. But musically they’re only tweaking a post-hardcore sound that many bands were doing 5 years ago. (See Haste the Day, As I Lay Dying) Sleeping Giant’s new spin is heavy, fast, and relevant to modern hardcore, without all the extra icing. Which is a really good thing.

  34. NateCG says:

    I think if you asked SG, they would say the message is the forefront and to me the music is perfect! i like to think of it as simplicity done to “perfection”, its simple hardcore music, (though tongues of fires breakdown has been stuck in my head for a while now) with a message and vocals that will blow you away. so far my favorite album of all time! i’d consider my self very strict when it comes to lyrics, the label “christian” means almost nothing to me, and i cant say a bad thing about their music even if i tried. i have the itunes version and im waiting to get some money for the actual cd so i can have the deluxe tracks :P

    rated 10/10 and raises the bar very high for other “christian” bands in my book

  35. CHASE says:

    This is my favorite album of 2011, without a doubt. So full of passion and worship, great lyrics, heavy music; honestly i couldn’t ask for more out of this band lol.

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