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March 11, 2010

January 15, 2009

REVIEW : Wrench In The Works - Lost Art Of Heaping Coal

Band: Wrench In The Works Title: Lost Art Of Heaping Coal Label: Facedown Release Date: 08/19/08 Review By: JoshIVM Tracklisting: 01. Dust Over Time Test 02. Tonight Is War 03. Our Time 04. Brokenness 05. One Foot Out Of Hell 06. Pale Fire 07. Death Letter 08. Loaded Gun 09. Faith As A Virus 10. Lost Art Of Heaping Coal I first brought this band to your attention back in March ’06 and then reviewed their last album “Prodigal Transmission” in August ’06. The album got a fair rating but definitely had plenty of room for improvements.… Continued →