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June 24, 2017

A Hope for Home - Here, The End

Throwback Review 7: A Hope for Home - Here, The End

It has been years since A Hope for Home served us an album. I remember when “In Abstraction” dropped my freshman year of college. I got the email my preorder had shipped and it was the highlight of the week. Of course, that’s quickly approaching six years ago now. I’ve had plenty of time to listen to their discography and have actually found it to be their weakest album; on the same token, “Realis” is quite possibly one of my favorite albums ever and “The Everlasting Man”, despite its stylistic consistency, is also a pretty great album.… Continued →

March 16, 2017

My Mantle - You Only Live Forever

Throwback Review 4: You Only Live Forever - My Mantle

Welcome back to our throwback series. This week’s feature is more recent than our previous throwbacks, but after going on an indefinite hiatus, this band never got much exposure. History My Mantle might be considered a forerunner of the strange blend of indie and post-hardcore we find from bands like My Epic, Wolves & Machines, and sosaveme. While the genre certainly has gained prevalence, it was certainly still on the rise in 2011, when they debuted their first EP, Giants. It’s a strong release that definite deserves its own proper listen, featuring powerful lyrics, moving instrumentals, and, well, it falls in line with the aforementioned bands so that should give you an idea of what to expect.… Continued →

February 9, 2017

Curtains - Good Luck Varsity

Throwback Review 1: Curtains - Good Luck Varsity

Every once in awhile, an album falls through the cracks; IVM’s hiatus, bands breaking up, or even just the simple discovery of “old gold” years later results in plenty of great music that hasn’t gotten much coverage but certainly deserves to be revisited. So, this is the first of what I hope will become a growing list of throwback reviews. Feel free to send me some ideas and I’ll do my best to make sure they’re covered. For a variety of reasons, I’ve chosen to not make these traditional reviews with ratings but instead want to highlight the artist and encourage readers to check out bands.… Continued →