Tag: Rustproof records

September 8, 2021

Song of the Day: Broomtree - Reckless

Broomtree is a modern rock band from a small record labelled called Rustproof that brought us Polarboy, Send the Beggar & a few others. Vocalist Kylie has a distinct voice that sill reminds of a few 90s female fronted bands. Reckless is from their 2nd LP which has a more polished sound to it & contains some thought provoking lyrics. I see what you want, I know who you are The latest big shock won’t get you too far You live in the dreams of how your life seems But you never care for the reality Your personality is not be coming to me You won’t drag me down into this world You know the truth but won’t live the life You make the rules, the rhythm and rhyme Behind the wheel, don’t know how to drive You travel still, through your reckless life I hear the excuse blamed on the abuse You give out your heart and you claim that you’re used You know how it feels but you welcome it still As you tear at the whole when there’s nothing to fill It’s temporarily hiding the fact that you’re in need Then you’re sinking down into this world… Continued →