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November 15, 2019

Song of the Day: Paramaecium - I'm Not to Blame

Paramaecium. Legendary. Heavy as a concrete slab, and slower than a slug. The band’s debut, Exhumed of the Earth, shocked metal fans everywhere with slow, heavy riffs, string parts, and death metal vocals that were juxtaposed with occasional operatic female vocals added in for good measure. Their sophomore album Within the Ancient Forest changed styles somewhat by cranking up the folk and classical elements and adding a technical flair. But by the time A Time to Mourn came out, the band had shifted styles again–still within the doom metal category, of course–by adding a touch of groove and including Seventh Angel/Ashen Mortality frontman Ian Arkley (later of My Silent Wake).… Continued →

December 5, 2016

Revulsed (ex-Mortification, ex-InExordium) begin working on sophomore release

Revulsed has announced that they have started to work on their sophomore album. For those who don’t know, Revulsed in a band that drummer Jayson Sherlock, formerly of Mortification, Paramaecium, Inexordium, Horde, Deliverance, and Altera Enigma, and guitarist Sheldon D’Costa, formerly on InExordium, formed as a way to still do music. The duo hired on Konni Lühring of Defeated Sanity and formerly of Despondency, to do vocals for the album. After the album was recorded, the band was starting to play shows and due to Konni living in Europe and the others in Australia, Konni parted with the band.… Continued →