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January 15, 2017

REVIEW : Final Surrender - Nothing But Void

How common is metal in Asia? Does anyone know? The genre of metal is a rare one to say the least, especially over in Asia. Final Surrender is one of the pioneers of the genre there. The Progressive metalcore act has been working hard on this album. Their debut album, Empty Graves, was released 4 years ago. The album begins with the single “Nothing But Void”. The track brings elements of techno music, Progressive metalcore, and thrash metal. There is plenty of work going on with the drums and percussion.… Continued →

January 3, 2017

Final Surrender release "Nothing But Void" lyric video

The Indian Christian metal band Final Surrender has released the lyric video for the song “Nothing But Void” for the EP of the same name. The band formed in 2010 with Joseph Samuel (Vocals), Sanjay Kumar (Guitar), James Stephanes (Guitar), Judah Sandhy (Bass), and Jared Sandhy (Drums). The band is signed to Rottweiler Records, where the EP will be released. Check it out here¬†at HM Magazine. Continued →