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December 16, 2016

November 4, 2016

Renascent Releases Sophomore Album

Renascent, former Finns, now Indiana residents, Melodic death metal, thrash metal, band is on the verge of releasing their sophomore release, Praise of the Lord God Almighty. Renascent formed in 2003 with Drummer Jani Stefanovic (Divinefire, Miseration, ex-Crimson Moonlight), Guitarist Eero Tertsunen, and Keyboardist¬†Mikaela Akrenius. The band formed in Finland, but in more recent days, they have moved to Bloomington, Indiana. The current lineup is Eero, Mikaela, Bassist Voitto Rintala, and Drummer Markus Saarela. Praise¬†was released on November 5, 2016. Download it here.… Continued →