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November 1, 2018

Indie Vision Music Creates "Christian Pop Punk and Punk Rock Playlist" on Spotify

I decided it was time, time for some positive uplifting Christian Pop-Punk and Punk Rock Playlist curated by your friends at Indie Vision Music. This playlist is growing but the majority of it is complete. Check it out below and feel free to offer some suggests for bands/artists that didn’t make it on yet. Post your artist/song title below in comments. Thanks to Andrew Pickett for the cool 90’s inspired graphic. Let’s blow this thing up and gather a massive amount of followers.… Continued →

June 11, 2018

IVM Spotify Weekly New Release Playlist

I just wanted to send out a quick note about the awesome Weekly New Release Playlist we have under the Indie Vision Music account on Spotify. Noah Hardwick has been cool enough to create these really cool playlists and maintain them. You can find this weekly updated playlist as well as all our other ones right here. Please follow Indie Vision Music on Spotify and help us spread out reach. If you are looking for new music and want to discover the latest talent, you’ll find it here.… Continued →