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December 31, 2008

REVIEW : Goodnight Caulfield - The Masquerade

Artist: Goodnight Caulfield Album: The Masquerade Label: None (released independently) Release Date: January 3, 2009 Review by: Eric Pettersson Tracklist: 1. All You’ve Got 2. C.S. Why 3. The Prowl 4. Blue Room 5. The Departure 6. Goin’ Nowhere Fast 7. You Don’t Love Me Anyone 8. Hearts 9. Far from Fiction 10. Angels in Disguise 11. Without a Sound 12. Sleepwalk It’s been a number of years now since the fall of emo. The music itself still exists under its new name, indie-rock, but the old word has become something to be avoided.… Continued →