Outgrown Airs on HGTV Featuring Clint & Luke of Boise Boys

The men of “Boise Boys” are back on HGTV with a brand new show called “Outgrown“. Outgrown is a show essentially about families who have outgrown their current living arrangements and have to expand and/or remodel to make it bigger to suit the families’ growing dynamic. I watched the first episode yesterday and it was really good. Like a mix of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Hometown, and The Gaines family shows. I think they have a bright future ahead of them. Those early IVM readers will remember Luke Caldwell from his early band – Esterlyn, which I was personally a big fan of.… Continued →

Song of the Day: Grand Prize - It's Not Over

Grand Prize hailed from the Calvary Chapel location in Idaho. They eventually changed their name to Esterlyn & do a more AC/worshipful vibe. This SOTD has a special meaning to me & is a lot of what I personally struggle with. : You say that you love Him with your life  But your going your own way  You need to let Him have your rights   Let Him take control of your life.” So come on over feel His Grace shining bright It’s not over you still need to fight You say that it can’t be done You just can’t live what’s right Well that’s not right He will heal you tonight You say that you love Him with your life But your going your own way You need to let Him have your rights Let Him take control of your life He’ll set you free, Tonight, yea yea tonight Some come on over let His love draw you near It’s not over He wipe away every tear You say that it can’t be done You just can’t live what’s right Well that’s not right He will heal you tonight Oh how He loves You- How He longs to forgive You Won’t you let Him take your hand Won’t you let Him show you His Plan He will change you, He will change you, He will change you Continued →

New HGTV Show Boise Boys, Airing Tonight!

I have brought attention to this new show on HGTV called “Boise Boys” a few times in the past and now the first episode is ready to air on HGTV TONIGHT. Tune in to the channel at 11pm EST, 10pm CST to watch it. The show features former Esterlyn frontman/songwriter, Luke Caldwell along with his contractor partner Clint Robertson. This is a unique opportunity to share their talented workmanship and passion for their families with a worldwide audience. Find out more hereContinued →

Luke Caldwell of Esterlyn Stars in New HGTV Show, "Boise Boys"

I’d like to take a moment and bring attention to a new show on HGTV called “Boise Boys” featuring Luke Caldwell (and his family) a name you might recognize as he led the band Esterlyn for more than a decade. He is now a part of this show along with his work partner, Clint Robertson. You can find out more info on their website here and hopefully HGTV will pick up the new show as a series regular soon. Continued →

New Show "Restoring Idaho" Gets Six Episode Series Order for HGTV

Back in July of this year I told you about the former Esterlyn frontman Luke Caldwell, and his friend Clint Robertson who had a new show called “Boise Boys” that aired on HGTV. Well good news is that they have sent the show to series order, retooled it a bit and will now air “Restoring Idaho” in the coming months. The show currently being filmed in and around Idaho and has gotten a six episode order that will be shown on HGTV in the future.… Continued →

REVIEW : Esterlyn - Woven

Esterlyn have released their 2nd full-length album 'Woven' after 'Lamps' in 2008. Here is my review of an album by one of Christian music's most underrated artists.

REVIEW : Kingdom - Redeemer

Kingdom have released the physical copies of their new album 'Redeemer' on November 11th, with their hits like 'God of Fire', 'Carry On' and 'Always You'. Check out the review.

REVIEW : Esterlyn - Lamps

Artist: Esterlyn Album: Lamps Label: Rooster Records Release Date: February 26, 2008 Review by: Eric Pettersson Tracklist: 1. Tie the Leaves 2. Kill Your Own Despair 3. We All Need 4. Seasons of Grey 5. This Mystery 6. Reveal Your Love 7. Emptiness 8. Back to the Start 9. Faster, Faster 10. Like the Rain 11. Lamps 12. About You The packaging to this CD is awesome. I’ve never seen a lyric booklet fit into the front quite like that before, and the artwork is equally fantastic.… Continued →

INTERVIEW : Esterlyn

Esterlyn Interview May 16th, 2008 By Jonathan Andrews Esterlyn‘s debut album Lamps came out back in February on Rooster Records. This is an email interview I did over the past week thanks to their management and the band. Q: First off please state who you are and what you play in Esterlyn. Hello my name is Luke Henry Caldwell- I sing and play guitar. Q: What is the purpose of the band Esterlyn? In short- to create, to love, and to serve. In long- our desire is to be legitimate in all that we do in our sphere of influence as individuals and as an artist.… Continued →

REVIEW : Awake! Awake! - We've Been Strangers

Artist: Awake! Awake! Album: We’ve Been Strangers Reviewer: Tyler Hess Hailing from the incredibly cool name of a town, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, this band has brought forth a solid effort of alt-rock along the lines of other indie bands that are known around here such as My Epic and Sleep For Sleepers, with vocals that often go into more of a Number One Gun/Kessler/Esterlyn type sound. To tell you the truth, I had so many bands that I wanted to compare these guys to simply because they refuse to stick to just one sound for the entirety of the album.… Continued →

REVIEW : Esterlyn - Mending the Meaning (Acoustic EP)

Tracklist: 1. Sweet Love 2. Esther 3. Still Beauty to Be Found 4. How Great Is Your Love 5. Free the Light When I heard I would be reviewing this EP, I was excited. I remembered liking their first album, Lamps, and an acoustic EP is almost always a good time. But then I realized that I hadn’t listened to their debut since I had reviewed it back in March. I had to look at my old files to see that I had given it a 7/10.… Continued →