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The Comeback Tour - And Then He Dreamed...

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Artist: The Comeback Tour
Album: And Then He Dreamed…
Label: None (released independently)
Release Date: January 2, 2008
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Confusing Soup and Birthrights (Genesis 25)
2. False Dimitri (Genesis 27)
3. Here Stands Emanuel (Genesis 28)

I’ve own many a concept album before, but never a concept EP. As the tracklist would suggest, And Then He Dreamed…, retells the interactions of Isaac’s two sons, Jacob and Esau, as told in the book of Genesis. “Confusing Soup with Birthrights” recounts how Jacob took Esau’s blessing in exchange for some stew. It also makes references to the meanings of their names that reappear directly in the next song, “False Dimitri,” which tells the actual story of Jacob receiving Isaac’s blessing and Esau getting mad. A dark tale ends in hope as “Here Stand Emanuel” takes it one chapter further to point out that even though Jacob’s life had rough beginnings, he was chosen by God to be a forefather of our Savior. The lyrics tell the stories powerfully and make some challenging points. Musically, it’s rough-around-the-edges indie rock with some post-hardcore influences. There’s a little bit of screaming as a secondary vocal, but most of the singing comes from what could be a rough punk voice that instead chooses to use apt melodies. I would say it reminds me of Ambitious Career Woman, but approximately two of you will know who they were, so instead I’ll say it’s a blend of As Cities Burn (pre-Solid State) and Further Seems Forever (How to Start a Fire era) with a dash of The Colour Revolt for extra flavoring. What comes out of that blender is of course a style primed for poetic lyrics and songs that are spacious and melodic yet edgy and powerful.



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