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Love and Death – Concert Review (NJ)

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I didn’t really know what to expect tonight as I drove down to Barnegat, NJ to see Love and Death for the first time. Being a church show (which I tend to enjoy more than others), I had a few preconceived ideas as to what I could expect at the venue. Well, all my expectations went right out the window as I pulled up to the church. Pulling up I was waved in by volunteers to where a division was made for cars to either park or drop off. On my way to park I saw quite a few more people there than I’d expected. Apparently it was a youth group night and a number of the youth were outside playing basketball, hanging out talking, and whatever as a DJ blasted some good music. I also noticed a half pipe, but didn’t see anyone using it.

After the doors opened I was pleasantly surprised when the ticket cost less than expected. A little extra cash in my pocket is always helpful, especially nowadays. The room was a good size with merch outlining it and the stage set up for the bands that lay ahead. Though two bands played, I’m only going to be reviewing Love and Death because I’m not familiar enough with the first band, Kronicles, a rock band from good ole NJ.

Love and Death came out to kick things off with Paralyzed, the debut track off their Chemicals EP. Incredible how good they sounded. Next up, and a surprise to me, was Helmet In The Bush, and old Korn song and suddenly I was in High School again. If you closed your eyes you would’ve sworn Korn was standing on the stage, especially since Head has a remarkably similar vocal style to Jonathan Davis. Next up was Chemicals, great song! Then things slowed down a little with the track Save Me From Myself, off Brian’s solo album of the same name. What followed was an instrumental Korn medley. I can’t name all the songs included there, but it was really cool how they all melded together to make the medley. Then came the Devo cover of Whip It, complete with the hat. If you don’t know, Google it. Very interesting take on the old 80’s classic, but they make it work both on the EP and live. We were treated next to a pretty sweet drum solo which ended with a VERY familiar tapping on the ride…Blind was kicking off. If you’ve never heard Blind by Korn before, stop reading and go. Now. In a nice way to cap off the song, Brian sang the famous line to Amazing Grace, “I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see.” From there Brian went on to address the crowd who’d come out, sharing a little of his own testimony and speaking to them of the goodness of God. When he was wrapping up, he gave an altar call of a sort, inviting those who wanted to receive Christ on the stage to pray with him and around 30 or so kids went up. They stayed on stage while the band closed out the night with Adonai off Brian’s solo album.

All in all, it was a great night. The only thing I would change, if anything, would be to have heard them play Flush. Great song. Not only do I highly recommend grabbing their ep off itunes or wherever (don’t download, support), but also make sure if you get the chance to see them live, you do (If you’re in NJ, he’ll be back on Aug 4th in Seaside!). You’ll be glad you did.

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