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Dynasty - Truer Living With A Youthful Vengeance

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Band: Dynasty
Release: Truer Living With A Youthful Vengeance
Label: Strike First Records
Release Date: May 2011

Track Listing:

  1. Worthless Will
  2. Voice Of Truth
  3. Wisdom Is Supreme
  4. Triumph And Truth
  5. Alpha
  6. Back To Life
  7. Demolish Strongholds
  8. Way Of The Wolf
  9. Dangerous Minds
  10. Sitting Back

No gimmicks, just the basics. That’s the easiest way to describe Dynasty, a hardcore band out of SoCal. Their debut album will be released on Strike First Records and it’s titled Truer Living With A Youthful Vengeance. The album has ten tracks, one of which is an instrumental, and clocks in at about 22 minutes. Everything you would expect from a hardcore album that has been produced by the same guy that works with Terror, Ignite, H2O comes to light on Truer Living With A Youthful Vengeance.

There is rarely a chance to catch a breather on Dynasty’s debut, starting off with the opening track “Worthless Will” where after the fast-paced intro, the song jumps right into a chest-thumping verse and some back-and-forth vocal parts. By the first minute you already hear gang vocals and the beginnings of a breakdown. In typical tough-guy hardcore style the vocals are an aggressive mix of yelling and screaming, in this case, Dynasty proclaims “don’t waste your breath, unless you speak the Truth!”.

Lyrically the bold Christian lyrics are just that; bold! The whole feel of Truer Living With A Youthul Vengeance is like a Madball album with faith-based words. The emotion and passion is excellent throughout from the confident cry “The cross before me, the world behind me!” on “Demolish Strongholds” to leaving no doubt “I believe, I believe!” on “Triumph and Truth”. “Voice of the Truth” talks about listening to the right voices and not the negative influences that we all struggle with. While the lyrics are somewhat typical Christian lyrics, they’re presented with energy and passion and those emotions are key to making a hardcore album really effective. Everything on Dynasty’s debut is well-done, obviously growing up in the LA hardcore scene and working with people who know hardcore well has paid off for Dynasty.

OVERALL Truer Living With a Youthful Vengeance is an album that you will throw on, and throw down. Dynasty will have their hands full trying to hold onto the mic at shows with the amount of gang vocals on this albums, kids will be climbing over each just to get a chance to scream “In my life – BE LIFTED HIGH!”. Fans of old school solid hardcore will love this, and probably fans of the new wave (Venia, Messengers) will also enjoy the down-to-basics approach of Dynasty.

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