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Lakes "Photographs EP"

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Artist: Lakes
Album: Photographs EP
Label: The Militia Group
Release Date: September 5th, 2006
Review by: Eric

Seth Roberts was the mastermind behind Watashi Wa. He had some label conflict with Tooth & Nail when he tried to change his band to Eager Seas and with it change his sound, but after all was said and done, the album was released, and Seth was released from his contract. Looking to start things over again, he changed his band’s name to Lakes, and joined forces with The Militia Group, who seem to be the ideal label home for bands like this.

Photographs starts out with “Indian Lover” which sets the tone perfectly for this release. The mood is light, and Seth’s lyrics are positive and uplifting, yet honest and insightful. He admits that there will be pain in life, but there will also be love through it. “Love or Gain” is a song about living the American dream and how we’ve unknowingly traded in our faith for riches, as the chorus proclaims “America, dream your dreams of wealth and success, in Jesus’ name. America, dream your dreams, ignore and neglect the stranger’s needs. America, to love or gain, dream your dreams.” The mood is lightened with the next song, “Photographs” as it talks about love and growing old and the memories that will be shared together. The lyrics are truly beautiful, as is the music. “Latersss” is another beautiful song about love, which makes sense considering Seth Roberts was married about a year ago. This EP ends with “White Flag,” which is just another display of Seth’s musical genius. Its electric and acoustic guitars blend well, and splashing cymbals and solid kick drum add just the right flair. Towards the end of the song the chorus is sung by a larger group while a new instrument, I think a banjo, joins the mix.

While Eager Seas was more of a transitional album, the old Watashi Wa feel is now completely gone and the new feel of Lakes is completely here. This disc is worth listening to over and over, even though there’s only five tracks here. Seth Roberts just made the best release of his career, and this is only the beginning of his partnership with The Militia Group. I eagerly await the release of the first full length from Lakes.


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