Man Alive - Say What You Want

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Today’s Video Flashback is from Man Alive. This Israel based pop-punk band and I go way back. I remember carrying their early albums in my store and connecting with them through email. The band even played my “I’m Biggest Fan Vol. 2” show back in 2002 here in Orange County (no, they were not on I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2 unfortunately). “Foreign Concepts” was my first introduction to the band back in 2001 (I still have the album). I followed them through each label they signed to and finally to The Militia Group which put out “Open Surgery” back in 2005. This song “Say What You Want” appeared on the album. The band went on to release their “Self Titled” album in 2008 on Israeli label, High Fiber (find it on iTunes). The band is currently on hiatus and members are currently doing their own projects now.